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Laver doudou en toute sérénité

Wash comforter in complete serenity

Has your little one become attached to his cuddly toy from the first weeks? This is completely normal. Whether it's a little rabbit, a cute monkey or a curious llama, the stuffed animal is a fairly common transitional object . This means that baby brings enormous importance to it since he makes the link between his environment and himself. The time to wash the comforter can therefore worry more than one mom or dad...

We give you all our tips for washing comforter in peace.


Do you really have to wash the comforter?

It is important to wash the comforter regularly. It's just a matter of hygiene. The friend of the little ones, whether he is a friendly teddy bear or a roaring tiger, has the mission of watching over your little wolf. It would be a shame to leave all the dirt accumulated over time. To wash the comforter gently, you must first ensure that it is machine washable. The Déglingos comforters can be machine washed cold, drying will be done in the open air. Note that the activity rattle and the teething ring can also be machine washed cold.

So when should you wash your comforter with complete peace of mind?

Often given as a birth gift, the stuffed toy will need to be groomed at least once a month . Although this moment can be difficult, it makes it possible to make the comforter very clean and to keep away all the microbes which could have lodged in the animal's hair. Doudou being your toddler's most faithful friend, it is not uncommon to see him hanging around everywhere. It is therefore normal to have to give it a little wash from time to time. Don't worry, it's going to be fine!


How to wash comforter?

For washing the comforter , it is best to use the same detergent each time. A baby needs to recognize the smell of his cuddly toy in order to be reassured. It's a mix of his own smell, his mom's smell and the smell of his home. By using another detergent, it could be unhorsed. And to keep all the softness of your little wolf's most tender friend intact, put the cuddly toy in a protective bag or a pillowcase. If you wish, you can opt for a hypoallergenic fabric softener or an antibacterial product.


Why choose two identical comforters?

As soon as the baby is born, choose two identical cuddly toys and thus avoid calling on SOS doudou! Providing several comforters is not complicated when you are organized. Besides, the Déglingos know the problem well. So we decided to save 20% on the second comforter ! By having two cuddly toys at home, you will certainly be reassured. If this technique makes it possible to have an emergency comforter when the first one is lost, it is also an ideal trick when the comforter takes a bath. While one cuddly toy is in the machine, baby can take full advantage of the second one during nap time.

What to do when there are two comforters?

In reality, it is better to exchange the two comforters regularly so that they are perfectly identical. Indeed, a plush wears out over time. If you always give your baby the same cuddly toy, one of the stuffed animals will be more damaged than the other, but it will also look and smell different . It is therefore better to exchange the cuddly toys every month so that your little angel can find in his cuddly toy all the references he needs, material, smell and softness... So you have a little time to wash doudou n°2.




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