Lilac shell the Ptipotos Expand

Ptipotos the shell


The cutest of all your little buddies, he's the kind of friend you just need to look at for instant comfort. Feel free to rest your head onto him, even if he's so soft and fluffy, TÉTROCHOU is more than a pillow and if you listen closely, you might even hear the sea!

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13,29 €

Lilac shell plush

Age : 0+

His little name says it all! TÉTROCHOU is your super soft and new companion from the Ptipotos family. "She sells seashells on the seashore" can't say it? Never mind TÉTROCHOU can't neither! But what he can do is to be the cutest pillow to rest on or to add a pop of colour in your room thanks to his little shell made of lilac fabrics. Pick your side: Extra soft corduroy or super plump, hairy velvet? Soft cuddles guaranteed anyway!

Hauteur 48
Largeur 21 cm
Compositions Coton, Polyester
Entretien Lavage en machine à froid, séchage à l'air libre