Ptipotos rust colored spider


Get ready for a laugh with this funny spider! Yes it's a spider and with him (yes he's a boy) : no more prejudice ! Isn't life funnier with a prankster around? Always down for a laugh! RiCOMiNFOU (RiCO, if you're close) is a beast when it comes to joking! Truly the life of the party.

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17,46 €

Ultra soft rust colored spider plush

Age : 0+

Silly Spidy! This little rust colored spider will make you laugh all day long! Easy to grab on and never let go thanks to its numerous legs made of corduroy, RiCOMiNFOU can be handled in every way for maximum entertainment! With this new Ptipotos, fun is guaranteed!

Hauteur 48
Largeur 15 cm
Compositions Coton, Polyester
Entretien Lavage en machine à froid, séchage à l'air libre