Ptipotos the blue parrot


Always running is mouth! He's the "gossip girl" of the neighbourhood, we love him so much but he just can't help it! Well, we can't hold it against him, we're all a bit RÉPETOU deep down… XOXO

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20,79 €

Blue parrot plush

Age : 0+

A perfect little tuft and a unique blue plumage? That's RÉPETOU the parrot! This new super coloured and extra soft Ptipotos is very easy to grab thanks to its long wings. Perched on your head or shoulder, this little parrot will watch over you and will always be there to give you big hug-os..

Hauteur 21 cm
Largeur 14 cm
Compositions Coton, Polyester
Entretien Lavage en machine à froid, séchage à l'air libre