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Annoncer sa grossesse de façon originale : nos idées originales

Announcing your pregnancy in an original way: our dilapidated ideas

The birth of a child is a source of happiness and intense joy.
This is why very often, the mother takes pleasure in making an original announcement when she is pregnant.
When to announce your pregnancy and especially how to tell your loved ones?
We share all our ideas with you!

When should you tell your loved ones that you are expecting a baby?

It is generally recommended to wait until the first trimester before announcing your pregnancy to your loved ones. Of course, this is only a recommendation. If you're excited to tell your family, you can. It will be even nicer if you make a personalized announcement for the godfather, the godmother or the grandparents… Of course, it is generally your other half who will have the honor of hearing about the surprise first. If you are patient enough, however, you can make a private ad, in an original way.

How to announce the big news?

You can announce the arrival of your child with a simple birth announcement , but you can also celebrate the news in a more original way. According to your desire, make a personalized announcement for each of the people around you.

A special announcement for dad

Of course, you have the choice. You jump into her arms as soon as you hear the good news or you wait a few days to give her a nice surprise. Whether you choose to let him know with a personalized puzzle, by offering him a pair of slippers or by concocting a little treasure hunt, he will be amazed! Announcing Dad can be a magical moment. Give him a “future dad” t-shirt, put a comforter in his sports bag, tell him nonchalantly “I can't, I'm pregnant. »… Personalize this moment for even more happiness.

An original ad for all family members

Are you ready to announce your pregnancy to your family? Start with the grandparents, they will be overjoyed! You can send them a photo of the growing family by showcasing your belly with a "Mini Me Coming Soon" tee. You can also take a picture of your shoes and add a pair of slippers. If you want to tell them in person, you can concoct a little riddle for them. Same for godfather and godmother. Offer them a scratch card or a “voucher to be a sponsor”. This little attention may please them.

A special announcement for all his loved ones

The announcement to relatives can also be original. During a meal with friends, say that you take care of the dessert. Personalize the latter to make them understand the message… By revealing the cake, they will quickly understand that you are proud to be future parents! If your friends are far away, send them a small packet of seeds to plant. It is an elegant and rather playful symbol for a birth. Boy or girl, if you want, choose the color of your seeds by opting for pink or blue flowers. Your loved ones will be surprised to see that you have thought of all the details!

A boost from Déglingos to announce a pregnancy?

If you want to please the grandparents, why not offer them a  weekend bag with a pretty personalized embroidery? By embroidering "Grany" or "Papy" on the bag, they will quickly understand that their weekends will soon be filled with laughter and joy! For the godmother or the godfather, it is possible to embroider a pretty cuddly toy that is too cute!


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