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Idées de messages pour accompagner un cadeau

Ideas for messages to accompany a gift

What message to add when giving a gift? We give you some tips but also some examples of gift messages to help you meet this challenge!

How to personalize a gift?

Thinking of an original message to stand out when giving a gift is a very good idea. The gift message allows you to personalize this unforgettable moment. Which will undoubtedly give an excellent memory for the person who receives the famous gift accompanied by the little note.

Gift message ideas: stand out!

Whether for a birth gift, for Christmas or for a birthday, a card with a personal note will always be welcome. Whether humorous or more serious in tone, you will find examples of messages to accompany a gift in the following paragraphs.

What words to choose to congratulate parents?

A birth is always a great joy for parents. By offering a birth gift to their baby , this is the perfect time to congratulate them. A message of congratulations is therefore appropriate. In this little note, you can therefore speak directly to the parents to show all your support.

Some examples of congratulatory messages to add to my gift

If it's a couple of friends, you can allow yourself a little fantasy in your birth message , bringing back fond memories. Otherwise, a more classic message will always have its effect:

" Welcome to [Baby's name]!" It's a pretty little face that will replace the happiness of your peaceful nights... Congratulations to you! »

It is a real pleasure to know that you are happy on this big day. Congratulations to the new parents and welcome to [Baby's first name]! »

" Congratulations to all 2. Enjoy these new moments of happiness at [3/4/5/...] "

It's up to you to choose the formula that suits you.

What message should I attach to a Déglingos birth gift?

If you are offering a soft toy or soft toy from the Déglingos collection, take the opportunity to note a little mind game on the personalized card that you are going to associate with it.

Why not accompany the cuddly toy Mélimélos the doe with a little personal note like: " May the big doe eyes of [Baby's name] cheer you up every day "

Chillos the Sloth : " Hoping that [baby's name] is as sleepy as a Sloth on its branch!" »

Speculos the tiger or Jélékros the lion : “ Hearing such roars, it is clear that [Baby's first name] takes after his dad/mum ! »

Pomelos the ostrich : " May the vitaminized energy of [Baby's name] give you daily pep »

Hippipos the hippopotamus : " May his mischievous little face make you smile day after day »

Kezakos the marmoset : “ May the antics of [Baby's name] make his parents happy. Welcome to her/him. »

What to say during an umpteenth birth?

Take advantage of the fact that this is not the first birth that the family welcomes to give a nice nod to the big sister or big brother of the very young baby. The parents will appreciate this gesture but also the child who will surely feel more involved.

Gift message ideas for a birth

If the little angel who has just been born has a big sister, you can for example note on your message:

A little firefly warned us of the arrival of a little elf. Hoping it can light up his life. Congratulations to the whole family. ".

You can use a more classic congratulatory formula like:

Congratulations to Marie, who is now Martin's big sister. »

Congratulations to the whole family and enjoy this new life together! »

What message to make during a birthday present?

When the child grows up, it is important to address him directly. This does not mean that the parents are put aside! Whether it's for Christmas or a birthday, it's a good idea to add a little personal note when distributing gifts to mark the event.

Sample birthday messages

Find the birthday message for children that suits you. To show all your affection you can add as a note to your gift " I give you a very humble gift compared to the one you gave me the day you were born. ". You can also put a simple message like ' For my roaring little lion ', ' For my little doe ' or ' For my sweetest panda ' if you choose one of our Large Simply Boxes .


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