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Mon enfant ne croit plus au Père Noël, que faire ?

My child no longer believes in Santa Claus, what should I do?

Like your parents before you, you told your child that Santa Claus brought thousands of gifts to children using his sleigh and reindeer. But now, this year, he doesn't really seem to believe in it anymore and is asking you about the subject… How to react?

At what age do children stop believing in Santa Claus?

It is when they arrive at the school of the big ones, around 6 years old, that the children begin to doubt the existence of Santa Claus . In fact, toddlers have a very developed imagination. It is normal that they get carried away by all our myths and our cultural folklore. It is when the child is 7 years old that he enters the age of reason.

The day has arrived, your child no longer believes in Santa Claus ! A child in his class may have told him the secret. He may have seen one of his relatives place the gifts under the tree. Perhaps it is linked to the incomprehension he feels when he sees several Santa Clauses in the street… It's completely normal, your child is developing his logical side.

Do we have to admit that Santa Claus does not exist?

In reality, it depends on the behavior of your child. If he asks you the question, it is because a doubt has arisen.

To understand your child's feelings, you can put the question back to him. If he asks you " Does Santa Claus really exist?" », Ask him first what he thinks about it before answering him. By listening to what he has to say, you will be able to answer him more easily without rushing him. If he wants to believe a little more in Santa Claus, you will understand it quite quickly.

Your child may not immediately admit that he no longer believes in Santa Claus so as not to hurt your feelings. It may seem strange, but in reality, your little wolf may have understood the importance you place on the Christmas holidays and he does not want to spoil this moment. Let it be, it's okay to take care of others...

Your child may be disappointed to learn that Santa Claus does not exist. There's no need to break the bond of trust that unites you by lying to him any longer… It's a good time to explain to him the importance of the end-of-year celebrations. He doesn't need to believe in Santa Claus for the holiday magic to continue.


How do I react when my child no longer believes in Santa Claus?

If you're going to tell your child that Santa Claus doesn't exist , make sure they understand that it doesn't change the magic of the holiday season. Show empathy by showing him that you understand how he feels. Above all, do not deny his sadness.

To explain to your child why Santa Claus remains an important character, despite the fact that he does not exist, you can explain to him the folklore around the character. Where does Santa Claus come from, why has this story become a legend passed down from generation to generation? Also, you can tell him about your own experience when you were younger.

What happens next for the gifts, the party, the folklore?

If your child is anxious, it is important to reassure him. Just because he no longer believes in Santa Claus doesn't mean there won't be any more gifts under the tree ! It is an important step that he has taken. It is good to congratulate him for having understood the secret of this beautiful story told for so many years.

Since your child is in on the secret, you can encourage good feelings by offering to help surprise his little brother or sister by placing the gifts under the tree himself...



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