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L’importance du doudou pour les bébés

The importance of the cuddly toy for babies

Usually, the cuddly toy accompanies baby from an early age. Moreover, godfather, godmother or grandparents often offer a cuddly toy for the birth. The stuffed animal then takes its place in the life of the child for several years. Sometimes it even becomes what is called a “transitional object”.

The comforter, a transitional object?

A transitional object allows the child to reassure himself when he is far from the family cocoon . It is through transitional objects that young children begin to make the connection between the outside world and themselves. He understands that he and his mother are one and he then begins to feel the lack of his mother. The link between her and him is therefore transferred to the cuddly toy. According to experts, babies begin to use transitional objects between 3 and 8 months*.

Why is this item so important?

Of course, the transitional object is not necessarily a comforter. It can be a stuffed animal, a bib or a t-shirt for example. In reality, the comforter as a transitional object is easy to set up. This is why many parents resort to this solution. In addition, it has other benefits on the awakening of the child. A cuddly toy has a smell, a particular texture as well as colors specific to itself. The baby uses it to reassure himself but also to develop his imagination.

Until what age should you leave the cuddly toy to your child?

It is often advisable to have a cuddly toy for the birth of a baby . In this way, the plush accompanies him from the very beginning. It will quickly become the companion of the young child. In addition, you will be able to tell the meeting between cuddly toy and baby when this one is older. Which can make for a very nice story.

When the cuddly toy has finished playing its role, it is often abandoned by the child on its own. It's around the age of about 2 years that your little one will start to let it hang around. Take the opportunity to put it aside as a souvenir! If he has more difficulties to detach himself from it, around the age of 3 years it is good to encourage him to use it only during the naps so that the transition is more serene. Indeed, the comforter should not become a favorite object to allow the child to become independent.

The plush, an ideal birth gift?

Obviously, the plush is an excellent birth gift . In addition to being very cute, it offers the child many advantages. He will be able to create a whole universe through it. He can thus develop his confidence, his autonomy, test his doubts and his fears in complete safety.

Gift idea: offering a cuddly toy at birth is important

Find many cuddly toys and lots of stuffed animals on the Déglingos website. In addition to accompanying your child in his earliest childhood, it is possible to personalize the Déglingos cuddly toy . Choose the personalization of the comforter by opting for a pretty embroidery with his first name. Stuffed animals are both too cute and funny, to please both parents and baby!

Why buy two identical comforters?

A cuddly toy gets lost quite quickly and then you also have to wash it from time to time... Unfortunately, if baby uses it as a transitional object, it can lead to a crying fit. Thus, by buying 2 identical comforters , the risk of losing the comforter is lower. But be careful, toddlers are not so easily fooled, there are a few rules to follow if you want to choose 2 comforters!

It is really important to buy 2 cuddly toys!

A cuddly toy has a particular smell. And then, it lives with the child and wears out over time. What makes it unique. To really have 2 identical comforters, they will therefore have to be used in the same way. For example, you can give a cuddly toy to baby for 2 or 3 weeks and then change for the second cuddly toy the following weeks. The Déglingos offer the second blanket at -20% , enjoy!



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