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Choisir une peluche : toutes nos astuces

Choosing a plush: all our tips

Companion of all children, the soft toy can be offered to the youngest as well as the oldest. But what criteria should be taken into account when choosing?

How to choose a soft toy for children?

Materials used, choice of character, color... Choosing a plush is above all a matter of taste, yours, but also that of your child. Depending on the age of your little one , you can opt for a larger or smaller soft toy that is easy to handle. Déglingos soft toys are suitable from birth. The materials used are not only crunchy, they are adjusted to children and babies alike.

The material and color of the plush also have a role in the child's awakening. The corduroy gives dynamism to the animal while the colorful patchwork gives a very fun touch to the Déglingos plush . In addition, the recycled fiber padding is a very elegant ecological gesture. Of course, this does not prevent the plush from being machine washable. Which will delight parents!


What choice to make among all the stuffed animals?

No more the eternal teddy bear. Now there are countless stuffed animals , from the softest companion to the most original. But how to choose the animal that will accompany the life of your child? Often, all you have to do is ask. Each child has a totem animal or even a group of favorite animals. You are sure to please him by bringing him a plush toy with the image of his favorite animal.

If your child is a little young to know which animal he cherishes, do not hesitate to opt for a soft toy in the color of your choice. Indeed, a giant plush can very well be used to decorate a baby's room. An all-pink Flamingos will brighten up a little girl's room. The animal will peacefully watch over your little one's sleep.


The plush, an ideal gift for a child?

A well-chosen cuddly toy accompanies baby from birth to early childhood. But a larger stuffed animal can also be offered to baby. It will first be used to decorate the bedroom, then as a companion during its first games. In early childhood, the child marvels at his surroundings. His imagination develops and he is looking for emotional ties that he can find in a stuffed animal.

In his early years, the child sets up imitation games on his own to understand the world around him. Your little cherub can organize a big banquet with all his stuffed animals by offering them tea. Or he can simply have fun with his new companion by creating his own stories himself... A soft cuddly toy is often enough to make a child happy.


For a baby, should you choose a cuddly toy or a larger stuffed animal?

A cuddly toy is usually  a small soft toy chosen by the child himself. It is indeed around the age of 3 to 8 months that the very young child uses transitional objects that serve to reassure him when he is not at home or when he misses his mother. Moreover, the cuddly toy is suitable for handling babies.

A larger plush, as is the case for the Déglingos Originals and Grands Simply , can be handled by a slightly older child. Moreover, the boxed Grand Simply will make a really stylish gift!  The Petit Simply soft toy is smaller in size. Very soft, baby will be able to handle it with more ease. It gladly accompanies an elegant cuddly toy.


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