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Choisir le jouet idéal pour bébé selon son âge

Choose the ideal toy for baby according to his age

Which toy to choose for a baby? This question actually depends on the age of the latter. Indeed, there are several phases in the awakening of the child. The ideal toy is the one that accompanies the child in his development. Les Déglingos offer early learning toys designed for babies in a design that is both soft and quirky.

What game to give to a baby who has just been born?

From 0 to 3 months, the very young baby slowly discovers his environment. He is attracted to objects with contrasting colors since he is in the phase where his vision is developing*. In addition, at this age, babies only ask to grab objects by simple grasping reflex. Make them enjoy a soft and affectionate plush.

The ideal toys for the birth of a baby

A cuddly toy is very important for baby, so it 's a great birth gift . Baby will be able to grab this very silky soft toy and gently begin his discovery of the senses... In addition, it will be able to accompany him for several years. In addition, the child also develops hearing, which means that a musical awakening toy will also be a well-suited birth gift.

Awakening for the child according to his age

What activities to practice with a baby from 3 to 6 months?

In reality, it is at the age of 4 months that toys begin to take an important place in a baby's life. The child consciously desires to grasp objects in order to discover them. He experiences real sensations when he picks up a soft object, an object that shines or an object that produces sounds. Take the opportunity to offer him a maracas rattle , which will stimulate it during its development.

An activity toy: ideal for babies

Before 6 months, babies are still often lying on their backs. Let him discover the world your way!  The Déglingos activity plush and dream catcher are perfect for this period. Attach an activity spiral s to your child's cradle so that he can enjoy the texture of the different elements of this super cute activity toy!

What type of toy for a 6 month old baby?

From 6 months to 1 year, the young child begins to become a little more independent. He begins to get up, to walk on all fours. He often takes the opportunity to touch everything and continues to learn more about his environment. The mirror rattle will capture his attention for hours while an activity ball will quickly become his favorite game since he can share his happiness with you.

Around 6 months is also the age when baby is teething. The maracas rattle and the Déglingos activity rattle are made with a n teething ring , so that your toddler can teethe in peace. In this way, he will be able to relieve his discomfort while having fun handling his awakening toy. The different animals offered are similar to those of the cuddly toys and stuffed animals. So you can combine them for even more fun!

ideal teething ring for children and babies

What toy to give for a 1 year old child?

From the age of 1, the young child has generally taken his first steps. This is also the phase in which he learns his first words. While growing up, he becomes more and more attentive to the world around him. His imagination develops, he begins to pretend .

No matter the baby's age, soft toys are ideal!

Until the age of 3, the child will therefore be attracted to imitation games. Stuffed animals like dolls will therefore be of great interest to him. These are great birthday gifts. He will thus be able to manipulate them while imitating what he experienced during the day. Quickly take a look at the stuffed animals and Mistinguettes offered by Les Déglingos!




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