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Les premières dents de bébé et l’anneau de dentition

Baby's first teeth and teething ring

Tears, redness and irritability, teething can be a real ordeal for the child as well as for the parents. How to relieve baby teeth? The Déglingos teething ring comes to your home, to the delight of the whole family!


At what age do the first teeth grow?

You should know that the teeth develop long before they pierce the gums of the child. Dental development begins in fact during pregnancy. On the other hand, it is when baby is 4 to 6 months old that the first teeth appear. Before the age of 3, the young child should have his 20 primary teeth clearly visible in the mouth.

Think of the teething ring to relieve baby

Just because baby teeth aren't visible doesn't mean they aren't developing! In addition, the first teeth are often the most difficult. Baby teeth begin to emerge at the age when baby still has trouble expressing himself. Around the age of 4 to 6 months, your little angel will be able to spend some upsetting moments… How to relieve his crying? The teething ring is a very good solution.


How do you know if your baby is teething?

Wondering if your little one is teething? A few small signs could put you on the alert... Among the most common symptoms , we can mention swollen, red or blue gums, irritated cheeks, also red in color, disturbed sleep as well as a loss of of appetite. Don't be surprised either if your child is salivating more than usual and has a strong urge to chew on everything around him!

An ideal chew toy for baby

While the first signs cited are easily explained, there are other symptoms related to teething that may surprise you. Thus, baby may be irritated in an unusual way during this difficult period. He may have a little fever, mild diarrhea, even irritated buttocks due to this temporary diarrhea. In case of high fever or more severe diarrhea, it is essential to consult your pediatrician*.


Why choose a teething ring?

Some wonder, the teething ring, is it good for baby? While the teething biscuit and the teething gel have serious disadvantages (one risks causing cavities while the other prevents baby from swallowing his food properly), the teething ring has real benefits ! It relieves baby who can chew it as soon as he feels the need.

Baby has his teeth growing? Think of the teething ring!

Chewing the teething ring allows baby to act directly on his pain. This does not prevent you from having the right reflexes to relieve baby when he is teething. Thus, you can massage his gums with your clean finger, regularly wipe the saliva on his face to avoid irritation and give him huge hugs to comfort him.


Which teething ring to relieve baby?

Of course, the teething ring must meet European standards. But there are also a few aspects that can make it easier to use. A round shape provides good support for baby, while an adapted texture makes chewing more comfortable. Putting the teething ring in the fridge (be careful, not in the freezer) also helps soothe the gums with the cold.

The chew toy: ideal gift for birth

Whether as a gift or to soothe baby, the Déglingos chewing toys are suitable for the teething of toddlers. An adorable plush accompanies the teething ring. In addition to being round, the latter is made up of small pimples to offer new sensations to your child. Small bonus, the ring unclips from the plush in no time!



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